Wednesday, November 18, 2009

rumor alert: rihanna's got a new boyfriend

Ooohh this rumor intrigues me so I just have to share it!

Rihanna said on 20/20 that she wasn't ready to date, but people are saying she's been spending some quality time with 90210 star Tristan Wilds! [He was also in The Weeds..]

Apparently he went to one of her uber-private parties and they were hitting it off right away and being openly affectionate towards each other.

Here's what "the snitch" has to say:

"He's a real gentleman... She likes him a lot, and it shows. From the moment he walked into her party, Rihanna lit up. They're already planning to use iChat and Skype to stay in contact until Tristan finishes shooting '90210' for the season and can fly out to meet her on the road."

I'll be so pumped if this is real! It shows she likes the pretty boys [like me!], and from what I can tell about this guy, he seems like a catch.

Here's to crossing my fingers that this is real!


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