Thursday, November 12, 2009

nfl cheat sheet: week 10

I missed a couple weeks of picks (thank my sister for that) [elizabethany edit: False. He didn't get his picks in on time! Therefor, I didn't post, but I did still cheat off of them... Shhh..] but I'm back! Week 10- let's GO!

I know you all are in desperate need of helps with your picks this week so I’m here to save the day!

Brett Favre might lose his streak of 277 games, Chiefs are without Larry Johnson for good, and Falcons coach fined for the altercation with DeAngelo Hall! Plus the first Thursday night game of the year is this week! Awesome!

Shall we?

To see my football Jesus, Mikey P's, picks for this week's NFL games, click here!

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