Thursday, November 19, 2009

morning hangover 111909

Ahhh, another Thirsty Thursday is among us! Let the fun begin!

  • At some point you have to let go... Not marry your dead boyfriend.
  • If you and your lover are both on Facebook, don't be one of the most annoying couples.
  • I'm getting excited for "of the decade" lists! Today: Most influential Internet influences.
  • A contract for your wife?! REALLY?!
  • Hide your car air fresheners... They're pulling people over for it.
  • Totally random: Make your name mighty. Hello, I'm Elizabethanydon... The Omniscient.
  • I can't decide if this is awesome and hilarious, or total d-bag.
  • This, however, is very funny and awesome.
  • Woah... This is trippin' me out... A staircase of books!
  • Hockey celebration FAIL.

  • For all the lazy Sunday church goers- Mass: We Pray, the video game.

  • I thought it was cute when animals took care of another, different animal... But a seal taking care of a human?! That's special.

  • O....M....G..... Check out the second beard in this video. Now.

  • Wait for it... Wait for it....

  • I knew it!! Gorillas have feelings and understand words... They also love kittens.

Alright, I'm late for work! Sorry, people! I will add more links later today, Scout's Honor!


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