Tuesday, November 10, 2009

listen to the vibe show: 111009

It's been a LONG time since I've posted some Vibe Show podcasts, but the wait is over [for now]!!!

I have two podcasts that we recorded the last time we were in the studio before things got a little hectic, and obviously they're too good to keep from you, so here ya go! Give them a good listen!

First Tonya wanted to talk about the issue of celebrities constantly having babies out of wedlock. Is it wrong for them to act like it's OK?!

Then I found a website that supposedly told me all the truths about men. I wanted to bring in J. Love and find out first hand if they were right or wrong. Sorry guys, but he told us your secrets first hand.
[Note about this podcast: When we were trying to connect someone to the phoneline, it wouldn't work... Magically, someone appeared during this podcast without us having any idea, so please excuse the noise :-/]

If you've never heard The Vibe Show before, we have our widget right over there -----------> for your listening pleasure! Enjoy all of our raw, no filtered podcasts.

Now- Keep your fingers crossed that Miss Tipsy Tonya frees some time in her schedule so we can start going live again!


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Anonymous said...

Getting married just because you're pregnant is stupid... More people end up divorced that way because they're not getting married for the right reasons. As long as both people are loving parents to the child, that's all that matters.