Wednesday, October 21, 2009

watch: drunk guy vs. his bag

It looks like the internet's new favorite thing is uber drunk people.

If that's the case.... I'm sure I could put up some really great videos that could become viral in an instant.

Anyway... Here's another one. A man just trying to pick up his bag in the middle of the street.

I actually watched this entire video. I was rooting for him!

"Uh... Uh!!... Oh... Almost!!! Yikes." Hysterical.

But seriously.... How do people get THIS bad?! I think even in my drunkest state I am able to complete a flip. [It may not be the most graceful thing, but it'll happen!]

Also... I've seen the popo's arrest many people for being "drunk in public" and let me tell you something... They're nowhere near this level! I call unfair law!

If you have any uber drunk videos worth sharing, you know where to send em! ;)


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