Wednesday, October 14, 2009

not nifty: slutty dog halloween costumes

As part of a countdown to Halloween, I present to you:
Slutty Dog Halloween Costumes.... To match the one that you either bought or are going to from the skanky section of a Halloween store/website.

This is not okay.

First of all- No animal is ever going to be as slutty as Slutty Cat. She rules all, no matter what skanky costume a stupid Chihuahua might have.

Second- Why on Earth does one need to dress their dog just like them?! Ugh. This is so annoying to me. I actually think it's the stereotypical owners that make me hate little dogs.

Ugh. I swear to goodness if I see any dogs wearing this while out "trick-or-treating," their owners better be careful. I will not hesitate to kick a bitch. [Literally.] Or two.


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