Thursday, October 22, 2009

the adventures of slutty cat: it's time for new homes

Ugh. The time has come. My little babes are all grown up and ready to leave Mama Slutty.

I should warn whoever wants them, though... In the past couple weeks, I have noticed a strong resemblance in their actions and JoJo's when I first got her.

Both Shnooks and Pandy have very different personalities, but both take after Slutty. Shnookie is the crazy, wild, run everywhere and do flips at all hours of the day version of Joey, and Pandy is the more laid back, waiting for a boyfriend, and wanting to play hide-and-seek Joey. She also looks just like Jo with her tie-dyed fur.

Whenever I come home, I yell "babies!" and they both come running out to me. It's the cutest thing ever.

They've totally made themselves at home here. No more laying in their bed all day. They've turned a fabric bowl thing into a bed, a wakeboard into a jungle gym, shoes into a hiding place, and some fake plants into their forest. There's no stoppin' 'em.

The good news is- they are using the litter box. Phew.
Also good news- They seem to like WVU gear.

They also love to come in here late at night when I'm blogging and run around on the hard floor and tackle each other. Joey makes these weird worried noises the whole time, but I can't complain. They're better than the moans.

A couple nights ago we got our first visit from Baby Daddy in a while. I heard Uncle Bigsby making these really scary noises while Slutty Cat was kind of screaming, and the kittens were trying to hiss and make some other random noises. I walked out and saw Baby Daddy having a staring contest with Bigs.

I'm not kidding. This all really happened.

Once Baby Daddy saw me, he ran away. Smart cat. He knows he can't come up in here lookin' for the babies without any dollars! If I don't find Maury soon, I'm sure I can find the Madea of cats!

Anyway, that's about all the excitement. I'm really more depressed than anything that I have to say goodbye to these precious things. I was hoping I'd find out about a job by now, but no such luck.

So.... My dear readers... Watch this quick and simple video I put together of the twinnies and check out the pictures. You know you can't get enough, either, so let me know if you want to become a parent. ;)

Gah. I can't get enough!


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Anonymous said...

Beth. Anna-Marie here. You can bet that if I was allowed to, I'd take one of these precious souls in a heartbeat. Too adorable.