Friday, September 18, 2009

things to spend your money on 091709

I swear it's like one day I find something neat you should buy, and then within minutes I find a million neat things.

So, why not combine them all into one post, right?

For those of you who are fortunate enough to still be in college, I have just the notebook for you. It's composition notebook meets booze-time.

On the outside it says "How to Excel in College" and on the inside... It's a FLASK! It's practically a dream come true! The teacher things your intently reading or writing and bringing in a huge notebook, but really- you're pregaming for the "random night out" that happens just about every day.

Forget the old Snuggie. We're moving on to bigger and better things nowadays! This Snuggie-like thing is big enough for two people!! It's also made out of wool so it keeps you extra warm! The only issue is that it's $350! What the H! Snuggie better make their own version PRONTO!

Taking shots just got a whole lot more fun. How amazing would it be to be a kid again while still being old enough to take shots?! They're turning these Nerf-like water guns into a shooter that spits out perfectly measured shots into your shot glass! Talk about the life of the party!!

1..2..3..4.. I declare sumo-wrestling-thumb war!!!! No really. They have these little thumb sumo wrestler guys that you just plop onto your thumb and then go at it against your friend! It would be so fun! And can you imagine watching someone do this in line for a roller coaster or something?

Oh I love toys. And spending money. I wish I wasn't broke.

I'm sure you have money, though! Have at it!


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