Monday, September 7, 2009

nifty: the yike bike

America is lazy, it's a known fact. And my response is a big fat WHATEVER.

Why don't I care? Because I want toys like this here "Yike Bike." I want to get places without driving or having my knees give out after walking a quarter-mile. The Yike Bike is my way to do it.

It's a little electric bike [that looks nothing like a bike] that you just plop down on and zip through the crowds with ease!

Also amazing- It folds down and becomes super small and only weighs TEN POUNDS! So you don't have to worry about leaving it anywhere or needing muscles to carry it through tight spots.

It's simply genius, if you ask me. It also looks like a TON of fun!

It costs 100 pounds, which someone told me is about $200. That is TOTALLY affordable and worth every penny!

I'm not even going to ask a Sugar Daddy. I'm thinkin' I'll ask Santa Claus, since he's a worldwide kinda man and everything. Plus, Christmas is only 3 months away... I think I can hold my excitement for that long.


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Anonymous said...

DAMN you, elisabethany!!! You sooo had me believing that this genius little machine could possibly be just a couple hundred $$!

If you take another look at the "Get One" tab you might notice that it's a 100 euro DEPOSIT! That's almost $150 JUST to hold your spot on the waiting list.

"The total price of the YikeBike is expected to be between €3,500 ($5,100) and €3,900 ($5,700)."

You had me so excited!!! Booooo!