Friday, August 14, 2009

watch eTV: finding the rwdc cast episode 9

Time for ANOTHER episode!!

I think this one is raising the bar back up again! I know the episodes have been lacking a little here and there, but this one came back STRONG!

We went to Nellie's and Rhino Bar to find the Real World DC cast... What happened?!

While talking to Josh, we realized he wasn't too worried about us. [They shouldn't be! I'm not doing anything to harm them or the show!] The rest of the cast also came up to the bar for a little while and Ashley told me about how she loved the sign I held up in front of their house for the Washingtonian! Leave it to Erika to make her and everyone leave because bloggers were there. Ugh.

Josh talked to Tonya for a little bit longer and said 5 bloggers were there who wrote about him, but she said not to worry because all we were doing was talking. He also explained how he had to leave because he was on "some show." Uh... Earth to Josh... DUH! ;)

It was a good night, for sure. For even more info- Make sure to check out my blog on Metromix!


PS: As always, feel free to sound off below! Haters: Welcome.


wags02 said...

what happened with the police???

jane said...

good episode ;)

Unknown said...

dude u got pulled over ahahahaha freakin nutsss

Eboni said...

I'm glad I didn't watch this before I went out with you- apparently you're wanted by the LAW!!! lol... But great episode! I have to go out again, and I may have to steal these companions. Making plans/ goals is the way to gooo!