Monday, August 10, 2009

watch: david cook, kris allen, and glambert do gma

So apparently David Cook performed "Little Lies" with Kris Allen and Adam GLambert on Good Morning America the other day and I missed it. What the heck.

First of all.. Glambert has such a big presence, it's really a good thing he didn't win. American Idol would have been a career breaker, I think.

Second, this little performance shows that Kris Allen would be an amazing Country singer. Hopefully they see this and make him a country-ish album, with a pop edge. We all know Country+Idol=Success.

Third, I absolutely love David Cook. I'm so upset that his career hasn't skyrocketed like Daughtry's because it should be. He was amazing when I talked to him, he was amazing in concert, and he's such a down to Earth guy that he deserves the world.

I really hope something happens to just shoot both him and Kris Allen through the roof.

As for Glammy, he's already got people throwing sex toys and stuff at him on stage. I think he's set.

Gah. How long until Idol kicks off again?!


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