Tuesday, August 11, 2009

watch: channing tatum was a stripper

OMG!! SO many girls' dreams are coming true now!

Sexy Channing Tatum stripping off his clothes!!

It's actually from back in the day before he became famous. He was a stripper by the name of Chan Crawford for Male Encounter, which is basically like the Chippendales.

I'll shut up now and show you the clip. It's beautiful.

What a beautiful, beautiful man he is. No wonder he landed a part in Step Up! He's always had the swag and the moves! I mean check out those baggy pants! [Perfect for 1999 when this happened!]

PERFECT timing for this to come out as he stars in G.I. Joe, eh?!

Ohh I've been waiting a long time to say this, and you've been waiting a long time to read it... You're welcome LADIES!

Now, I shall drool all over myself some more.


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