Friday, July 24, 2009

who wants to come trapezing?!

So there's this thing that caught my eye in DC, and I am determined to give it a whirl.

It's the Trapeze School of NY, right here in DC!! It's outside where everyone can watch, which is good and bad, and you only have to pay $50 for 2 hours!

Here's a video that the Washingtonian did on it:

And some pictures from the Washington Post's Express:

Seriously.. How awesome does that look?!?

I mean, of course I'm petrified just looking at it, but I think it would be AWESOME! Once you go one or two times, I'm sure it's just all fun!

So here's my question: Who wants to go with me to take a class?!?

Obviously I plan on doing a video all about it, too! It should be very interesting!

Let me know, people!



janette said...

Hey, when is this and what time? Im intersted in going.

Lisa B said...

I'll go! You've become my new favorite blogger! :)

Dmbosstone said...

My friend Liebchen has done it and is really excited to do it again.

Theresa D said...

ooh trapeze is super fun and its actually not really so scary! when i was in like middle school my camp had a trapeze haha but i think i saw this place in DC near chinatown? or something? it'd be fun though!