Tuesday, July 7, 2009

watch: recent news anchor spots

It's probably the reporter in me, but I love watching news videos that are funny, ridiculous, terrible.. Anything. I've learned other people like them too.

Have you seen this one from last week?! Apparently homeboy Glenn Beck thinks the best answer to fix this country is for Osama bin Laden to attack us again.

Uhhh.. WHAT?!? Isn't that what got us here in the first place?! Even if it would "bring us together as a country" or whatever, that only lasted about a year until everyone's car flags started flying away or getting worn out.

This is not the answer... And now I'm scared.

Onto a funnier note... Yet another reporter being heckled by someone in a public place. This guy didn't really keep his cool, though.

I totally thought he called the guy a tool the first time I watched it, which was great. Still, he is smooshin' the S out of his face, which is just as good as calling him a tool.

One day maybe I can smoosh someone's face on the news. That'd be fun.



Anonymous said...

You've gotta love Fox News, they always have the most intellectual guests on their channel to be able to explain issues concerning the country in the most forward thinking and optomistic ways!! Bipartisan truly lives on that channel(insert sarcasm!).

The Tortured Artist: Diablo Tango said...

Uhhh.. WHAT?!? Isn't that what got us >>>>hear<<<< in the first place?!

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