Monday, July 20, 2009

watch: chris brown apologizes

The time has come for Chris Brown to finally speak out about the Chrianna Drama.

He issued a video online today saying he's sorry, and knows what he did was 100% wrong and that it will never happen again.

I guess this means some really bad things did happen, despite me hoping that it wasn't true.

Some of what we heard could still be untrue, but he definitely hit her.

A lot of people are saying this is scripted and not from the heart, but I disagree. I know it was scripted, but I'm sure he wrote it down like a letter, then memorized it or had it fed through a teleprompter. He seemed legit. You can tell, and have been able to tell since then, that he feels awful about it.

Hopefully now everyone can really move on from this and get excited for his new album. I know I am!


PS: What do you think?! What will you do when it comes to supporting C. Brown in the future?!


E said...

A little long overdue, don't you think? This apology should have been issued the day following the attack on Rihanna, not MONTHS after. Yes, I understand he did not want to publicly admit guilt for legal reasons, but come on now, we all know he did it. Beth, I don't understand how you could possibly take the side of this miserable excuse for a human being. Anyone who abuses someone or something that is defenseless and weaker than their self does not deserve life, let alone forgiveness - or multimillion dollar record deals. Your "hopes" that what Chris Brown did to Rihanna was not true absolutely disgusts me. I do agree that his personal failings as a human being have nothing to do with the music he makes - however lacking in talent it may be - but your apparent eagerness to jump to his defense is quite disturbing. Perhaps there is someone similar in your life that you are defending as well? Hmmm...
However, I would like to also point out that Rihanna's behavior after she was attacked similarly disgusts me. She is a disgrace to women everywhere.

Janette said...

"Anyone who abuses someone or something that is defenseless and weaker than their self does not deserve life" - thats way harsh. Did he make a mistake- OF COURSE! But he seems really sorry and said he was going to counseling so I hope he never harms anyone ever. People make mistakes-what he did was wrong. He apologized and is getting help. People need to get over it. Im sure he didn't just snap at her out of the blues-she must of done something to piss him off. Again not saying that it justifies what he did but this incident is over and done with.

tracysherman said...

Are you f-ing for real? He beat her, why the hell are you rooting for him? You are even more useless than I originally thought.

@luvelizabethany It's not an overwhelming win, but I'm excited most people are rooting for Chris Brown!