Tuesday, July 28, 2009

tunes on tuesday 072809

It's that time again, folks! Time to update the iPod with my help! It's Tunes on Tuesday!

Rich Girl ft. Chris Brown--> Smile and Wave

Eh.. Kind of a boring song... I need Chris to come out with a banger right now.

Vita--> Like Boom

This chic's voice is really annoying to me. I was over her before I got through the whole chorus. Apparently this song is going to be huge, though. Oh boy.

Kelly Clarkson--> Already Gone

This song is causing a lot of drama. Does the background sound familiar? Maybe something like Beyonce's "Halo"?? Apparently homeboy who wrote it gave it to both artists. Shame on you. Not a terrible song, but not very Kelly, is it?

Push Play--> Midnight Romeo

Hmmm... Something about this song makes me like it, but there's also something I don't like. I can't name either of the things, though. It gets a C+

David Guetta ft. Akon--> Sexy Bitch

Is it bad that I kinda like this song?! It's funny to me. Plus.. Akon= great.

Kristinia DeBarge--> Sabotage

I heart her. I'm rooting for her. She may be my number 2 to BritBrit soon because Rihanna lost that spot.

Blake Lewis--> Sad Song

Man... I think he could have done so much better post-Idol. I don't know why he didn't. Unfortunately I don't think I'm rooting for this song, but I am still rooting for him. C'monnn BLAKE!

Britney Spears--> Kill the Lights

This isn't the new single, it's just the contest winner for something she did on her page. [I love the song, but I'm uber glad this isn't a real music video for a single. It would not be a good look.]

Kaci Battaglia--> Crazy Possessive

This is also supposed to be a huge song. It's okay. I think I need to give it a couple more listens and then I'll love it. Yeah. I will.

Alan Jackson--> I Still Like Bologna

I love the point behind this song, but this is so.. Kindergarten or something. It sounds like a kid's song.

Dierks Bentley--> I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes

Look at Dierks gettin' all hott and steamy!!! Oooh la laaa!!!!

Anthony Smith--> Bringing Back the Sunshine

A summer song a little bit too late, but I can dig it!

Okay, that is the end! Enjoy, my friends!


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