Wednesday, July 15, 2009

some people are straight up idiots

Alright guys, POP QUIZ time!!! Will you get them all right and be awarded IDIOT OF A LIFETIME?!

1. You're a grown man who hasn't been circumcised. What do you do?
A) Go to the doctor, see what's up.
B) Go on being proud of your junk and show it off to everyone.
C) Figure out a way to do it yourself.

B? No way! C!!! Duh!

A man not only decided to figure out a way to do it himself, but he did it with NAIL CLIPPERS!

I'm not sure how far he could have gotten or how well he could have performed the task [AH! It's making me quiver just thinking about it] but he definitely gave it a whirl and definitely had to be rushed to the hospital.

2. You're in the bathtub, bubbles and all, and you just HAVE to tell everyone how great your bubble bath is. What do you do?
A) Tweet about it from your phone, ASAP.
B) Wait until you get up and out of the bath to let everyone know about something they don't care about.
C) Get out of the bathtub to run to you computer, covered in bubbles, and tweet it right away.
D) Bring your computer into the tub so that you can give detailed updates on the bubbles.

Oh.. Yeahhh.. It's D.

Homegirl decided it'd be a smart idea to use Twitter in her bathtub for a long period of time. Then she died from electrocution thanks to the laptop hitting the water.

It's another one of those sad but you're-an-idiot stories. What was she thinking!?

3. So you're running late for work, and there's a red light ahead. What do you do?
A) Go through it, duh!
B) Get extreme road rage.
C) Obey the rules, be pissed about it, and have a terrible day at work after getting yelled at and almost fired.

Oh snap! I switched it up this time! The answer is A!

It's happened a million times, but this guy really went through a light, and a camera captured the huge multi-car accident that he caused.

Hey... Guys... Seriously. Don't run red lights. It's not safe and I'm not trying to die. Kthanks. Camera- This is awesome. And very scary.

So hopefully you DIDN'T get them all correct, because then I'd have morons like these people reading. Then again, the more morons, the more stories to share, right?!


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