Wednesday, July 29, 2009

pro-real world vs. anti-real world

Not sure if you guys knew this, but there's actually a blog against the Real World being in DC! [Anti-Real World] It's a pretty good blog, and they have a lot of info about what's going on because they live right across the street. [Part of me definitely believes they secretly love it but are being different... But you tell me.]

Anyways... The Washingtonian had the fabulous idea of pitting us against each other for their "Blogger Beat."

They asked us the same questions and it came out exactly how I expected it to. he was a little more intelligent and thought out with his answers, as well as more knowledgable about the city.

I was... Well... I was me. I heart RWDC, I know little about the city, and I'm not someone who tries to sound intelligent. I just type whatever goes on in my head.

That being said, check it out... Right now!


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