Tuesday, July 14, 2009

playmate of the year is coming to dc

Did you know it's National Hot Dog Month?!?! Today is also Be A Dork Day, Winnie the Pooh Day, and Respect Canada Day.

But let's be honest... Hot Dog Month is totally celebration-worthy and should be our main focus here!

........... Okay, so I obviously don't agree... But former Playmate of the Year and girlfriend of Brody Jenner thinks it is! And she's choosing to celebrate right here in Washington, DC.

She's going to stand outside of the Rayburn House Office Building and hand out free veggie-dogs and brochures about how to become a vegetarian.

Wait a second... Veggie dogs are NOT hot dogs. Hot dogs contain meat that is completely undefined but delicious.

But, I'm sure everyone will be rushing over there to get a picture of her with "strategically placed leaves" while she hands out the nasty-dogs. If you do, make sure to send me a picture and I'll post it!

Welcome to DC, everyone and their mother now that it seems to be the cool place to come.


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