Friday, July 24, 2009

nifty: the pocket shot

I've been thinking lately about my need for a flask. They save you a lot of money when you go out drinking. Why spend $23987 on a mixed drink, when you can get free refills on sodas, and spike it yourself?!

Well, with these nifty little things, I don't have to have a flask, I won't get caught in a metal detector, AND I'll still get the job done!

I introduce to you... The Pocket Shot.

They have basically every kind of liquor you may want: Vodka, whiskey, spiced rum, tequila, rum, gin and brandy. They come in a little pouch that you can stick anywhere. You could probably even throw them in your bra for a little extra "padding" if you need it!

Unfortunately, the closest liquor store to the DMV that sells these is in DE!! NY, CT, MA, and FL have them too to represent the East Coast, but that's about it.

I'm bummed. I guess I'll have to call up all of my BFF's in Delaware and tell them to send me a care package. Thanks, guys!



Dmbosstone said...

ya I saw this when I went back home and I was amazed. Sad it's not in VA.

Kelly said...

yea, they had these in Ithaca!