Wednesday, June 3, 2009

watch: one of pretty ricky gets awkward pt 2

Oh boy. There's a sequel/part 2 to the ever so awkward dancing from Spectacular. He's even calling himself "Sexy Spec" in this video... And this one is just for the ladies.

I should probably put this in the XXX section and say no kids allowed, but I'm going to consider this a lesson. Never... EVER... Do ANYTHING like this.

I'm not sure why he thought making another one and saying it's for the ladies, then humping and grinding on a chair would make everything better? You're still very, very awkward, dude. It's a huge turn off and I think you could actually ruin it for many men out there. It might turn me lesbian. [And maybe other girls are with me on this..]

It's also going to make me not be able to listen to this song, or any Pretty Ricky song. It's a shame, I liked them before.

And since when does humping and grinding a chair, and licking the air, turn a guy on? "I see a little poke comin' through... On you..."

Please.... Dude... I can't even call you your name.. Just... STOP.


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