Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the real world is coming to dc!

It's official, and it's about time!

MTV's The Real World is FINALLY coming to Washington DC!

They still have a couple assistants they need to hire, but the cast is picked, and they begin filming on June 20th! Their house will be in Dupont Circle, so I'm sure it'll be loaded. [As if it normally isn't....]

This is perfect. I'm old enough to go to the bars these days, I go to DC all the time now, and.. Dun-dun-DUNNN!! Their first night is my birthday weekend!!!!!

So here's the plan, people: My parents would die if I was in the cast, but I want to be on the show. I'll get sloppy, find the cast, and make my way into becoming a regular. [Yes, a groupie.. A one night stand turned creeper.. All of the above.]

Keep your eye out for me... That goes to both my readers, and the cast.



Anonymous said...

Ugh, you would, wouldn't you? Sigh... I don't think anyone sees any of these "regulars" in a positive light, nor have any of them become famous. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

...That's kinda sad actually. Good luck. I guess...

Anonymous said...

totally sad really :/