Thursday, June 18, 2009

watch: obama is a human fly swatter

Does anyone else still look at Obama and go, "Wow, this guy is really our President?!" Because I do. He seems so real and relaxed and whatever else to be a president... But I guess maybe that's a good thing?!

Anyways, during a CNBC interview, he demonstrated another one of his skills that not many people can do, and you don't expect to see him do... But he does it, and he's darn proud of it.

What'd he do? Kill a fly.

He's seriously proud of his accomplishment! What a nerd! [Just kidding.. Duh... Kinda....] I love it, though!



Bandit said...

Obama would have caught the fly with a pair of chopsticks if he had any with him at the time

Anonymous said...

Beth, did you hear... Now PETA is out to get him, saying that the next time he should use a more humane way to remove the fly... and even sent him fly traps that won't kill the fly.