Monday, June 15, 2009

watch: the arlington rap

All sorts of DMV news lately!

If you're from DC, MD, or VA, this is going to be funny to you.
If you've ever been to Arlington and know anything about it, it's going to be funny to you.
If you know anything about Arlington, VA, it's going to be funny to you.

So watch:

I think my favorite part is "I'm gonna eliminate you like I did the gluten from my diet." That is becoming such a trend, it's practically the Swine Flu.

He's clever, for sure. All over the news and all. Super funny. I'm going to need to watch all of his videos.

Someone should make a NoVA in general rap that's like this. Or a Morgantown one. I'd totally post it if you did. ["Hello Woodbridge" is NOT cuttin' it.]


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