Sunday, June 14, 2009

warning to nova: flashers are taking over

Oh no! Warning!!! To everyone in the Northern Virginia area! Specifically Prince William County, and WOODBRIDGE!

There is some serious flashing going on around town, and it is just getting to be too much. There were three reports of flashing in public in a two day period, the police are saying!!

“It’s hot out there... I guess they’re just coming out of the woodwork.”

-Officer Sharon Richardson

No really, though... This is so great. I am SO proud of my hometown area after reading this news story. I mean, really... This town needs some excitement!

One time my coach flashed another driver after they cut him off. I think that's pretty hilarious. This story is good, too:
The teen boy asked them for help in returning a turtle to the woods. Innocent enough, right? So they helped him, but as they were leaving the boy yelled to get their attention, turned around, dropped trou and then fled on a bicycle.

Please.. Someone... If you see me walking or driving around the area, PLEASE flash me. Also, hold it for long enough for me to snap a picture and post it on here and Twitter. Thanks.


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