Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tunes on tuesday 062309

It's that time again!!!

I feel like I need some really great lead in music or something... But let's get started.

Plies--> Becky

What a dirty man. His voice even sounds dirty/raw. It's not a terrible song, but I probably won't listen to it when I'm just hangin' out.

Lil Jon ft. Swizz Beats and Snoop Dogg--> [Do Anybody Represent] I Do

Again, probably not a song I'm going to listen to on my own, but if you like Lil Jon, or yelling rap, this might be for you.

Amerie--> Why R U

She is another example of really beautiful and talented that isn't as well known as she should have. I totally enjoy this song, and the video is hott. Well, she's hott. I hope it does well.

R.Kelly ft. OJ Da Juiceman--> Superman High

Not a bad song from Kelz! I didn't expect this song to sound like this but I don't know what I did expect. It's different for him, I feel. It could definitely get me pumped to go out.

Jazmine Sullivan--> In Love With Another Man

Another video that's more like a movie. These are interesting! She's another extremely talented person. This is a beautiful song because of her voice, but it's awfully sad.

Rich Girl--> He Ain't Wit Me Now [Tho]

I can't remember if I posted this one last time or not, so I'm just doing it again. It reminds me of Showstoppin' for some reason. Is that weird??

Mariah Carey--> Obsessed

For some reason, Mariah has joined the list of people using Autotuning. It's not a bad song, I just don't understand why she needs to be doing that. How do you feel about the song??

Amanda Blank--> Might Like You Better

Very interesting beat. She also uses the extreme effects so that you don't know what she really sounds like, but I like the point of the song. It's funny.

Livvi Franc ft. Pitbull--> Now I'm That Bitch

I enjoy the beat! I think I can get used to her voice and this song and eventually really, really enjoy it. Hmmm.. Who are you really, though, Miss Franc?

Lost Trailers--> All This Love

This is a pretty song! Kind of sad, though. "Typical country" as some of you would say. Whatever.

Montgomery Gentry--> Long Line of Losers

Woah, this song sounds like another song, but I don't know what. It's typical Montgomery Gentry, I feel. Not bad, kind of silly.

Sarah Buxton--> Outside My Window

Hey lady, it's not smart to intro your video, I don't think... But whatever. She's good, but it's not my favorite song I've ever heard. It might grow on me though because as much as I'm not a fan of the verses, I do enjoy the chorus for some reason.

Eli Young Band--> Radio Waves

I can definitely see myself loving these people. They're good! I like the song, I like the sound, I like it all. Snap! I need to do some research. I have a good feeling about them.

Alright! That's all for this week! Break out the downloading materials and enjoy, my friends!


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Unknown said...

I love the AMERIE track, i heard it like a month ago... and it's so sick... she's one of my faves... she's had some HUGE hits. It's just a shame she isn't as big as your "ciaras" "beyonces" plus she's HOT