Sunday, June 28, 2009

the terrible week continues

I thought things came in 3's, and that the week of dying was over... But apparently I was wrong.

Billy Mays, King of the Infomercial, was found dead this morning by his wife. No explanation, nothing wrong that we know of. Just left in the middle of his sleep.

This guy had that voice that everyone knew. You could hear him 4 rooms and 3 floors away and be like "IS THAT BILLY MAYS ON TV?!" It's crazy!

So, in order to celebrate his life, I will share with you the Top 10 Billy Mays Commercials.

[Check out #6-10 here.]

5. Green Now

Whattt! A green spray paint for your lawn?! Those lawns and hedges look AMAZING! RIGHT AWAY

4. Awesome Auger

The amount of free things that you will give me besides just the Awesome Auger is what will make me call right away, Mr. Mays.

3. Mighty Putty

Really though? I can turn this putty into a handle for my mug or a link in my chain?! I will believe anything Billy Mays tells me, no matter what.

2. Flies Away

A pee-bag looking thing to hang out at your table while you eat?! Hundreds of flies building up in a see-through bag?! Sounds like a nasty idea, but if Billy Mays supports it, so do I.

1. What Odor?

IT CAN TAKE THE SKUNK SMELL AWAY?! FROM A REAL LIVE SKUNK?! Billy Mays, you are an amazing man who sold magical products, that's for sure.

I'm devastated that we'll never again hear "Hi, Billy Mays here for ___." My favorite will remain the original: OxiClean. And to further celebrate this man, I shall buy some this week.

RIP, man. I hope none of your products secretly killed you so that people like me would buy their products. I will kill them if they did. You will be missed!


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