Monday, June 29, 2009

the smurfs are hitting the big screen

It's been a while since the days of watching The Smurfs in the morning and wondering why it was a gigantic sausage fest.

Soon, I'll be wondering again, but this time- Wishing I was Smurfette and not saying I'd need a cootie shot in that world.

The Smurfs MOVIE is coming out in December of 2010! [I know, a LONG way away, but it'll be worth the wait I think!

It's supposed to be combination of live-action actors and cartoon characters, all that will be in 3-D!!!!

The cast isn't set yet, but John Lithgow and Julia Sweeney are rumored to be on board.

Seriously, I know I love the kiddie stuff and whatever so it's probably a given, but I am pretty pumped about this! I don't remember much about the Smurfs, but I will definitely refresh my memory in time for the movie.


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Milfypoo said...

So you would want to be railed out by 100 little blue men?