Thursday, June 4, 2009

on the racks: bar rafaeli does esquire

You know the super hott girl from this year's cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition? Bar Rafaeli? She also dates Leonardo DiCaprio...

Well, she's back on the cover! This time, it's not Sports Illustrated, and it involves a lot less clothes. She's naked on Esquire!

They wrote part of a new story by Stephen King all over her body for the shoot because she said she'd never seen it done before and wanted to be the first one.

In the article she also talks about what it takes or tips on being sexy. 1: The clawing motion with your hand. 2: Point your toes. 3: Stick your collarbones out... When bones are defined, it's apparently the best trick.

Check out her being a pro at being sexy:

She is really gorgeous. She says she wants to be just like Heidi Klum, and I can totally see that happening. She was hilarious when she visited Ellen.

Check out this picture from before when she was 18... The fame has DEFINITELY helped her out!

Keep workin' it girl! We'll be seeing you as a host of some pointless reality show soon!


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