Tuesday, June 9, 2009

nifty?: squeezable bacon

Alright.... I thought it couldn't get crazier than a chicken in a can, then the canned cheeseburger surprised me. At that point, I really thought it would end there.

Of course not. Now we have squeezable bacon.

So basically, pig fat in a ketchup bottle?!

Someone seriously invented this that claims it is 100% real bacon stored into a bottle, and every serving is the equivalent to 4 slices of bacon.

And the best part: One bottle can stay "fresh" for 12 years!!

..... Say WHAT?!?! That's basically a dog's lifetime... And you're telling me something I can buy at the grocery store can last as long? And it only costs 8 dollars?!?

Red flag has been waved. No effin' way would I ever put this on anything... No matter how much I like bacon. [Which I don't, but still.]

If anyone ever tries this, please do it on camera. I want to see an immediate reaction.


PS: If you just barfed in your mouth a little after looking at those pictures, you're not alone.

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Anonymous said...

who the F ruins sushi with bacon?