Monday, June 8, 2009

nifty: ipanties

It all started with the iPod [in my world, anyways] and now we have everything from iHome to iJustine. What the heck.

We even have iPanties. And if you want to "unlock" them... You need to slide it down. Ya know, just like the iPhone.

I really do think they're kind of cute and funny, to be honest. And with that nice hint of sluttiness, they win my vote.

Did I mention they're 12$?? I mean, I normally would never spend that on undies, but if I got help from a sugar daddy [still haven't found the best applicant, though..] or stole some quarters from the laundry room, I could totally afford this.

Hmmm... The possibilities. These are so much better than sexy lingerie, and I'm not even an Apple fan!



Anonymous said...

Damn. Any girl wearing these would have me by the pants. These are NICE! Congradulations to apple for making themselves important everywhere, even in the bedroom.

Rex said...

LOL, nice product for a Spencers in Post Oak Mall to carry.