Thursday, June 11, 2009

elizabethanytv: finding the rwdc cast episode 1

So I started a little video series for the blog/elizabethanyTV, focusing completely on the Real World DC cast and my journey/mission to find and hang out with them. Sure, maybe it's a little stalkerish, creepy, weird, whatever... But it's going to be fun, ridiculous, and funny.

Earlier this week I found out the address of the house [which is still not finished and has the windows covered up--LAME!] and braved a storm just to see where my new stomping grounds would be.

Lame? Maybe... But I had fun, and this is going to be a fun adventure! Every week will be something different, with a different person next to me. [If you want to be a part of the eTV series, let me know!]

As for next week, there's a blog that is hating on the Real World coming to the capital.... They think the opposite of everything I do.

Haters and lovers of this idea are always welcome in the comment box below.

Countdown to the day the roommates move in: 9!


PS: Check out some more pictures of the house, before everything was finished and made pretty! It looks pretty big... I'm interested to see how everything will be set up.


Unknown said...

sooooo i love this i love everything about this. ur brilliant beth!! i'm gonna be watching this every single time u do one lovesss it

Milfypoo said...

Why it took 23 seasons to have The Real World in D.C.? Same reason why they're filming two other reality shows in D.C....OBAMA! He makes the city cool enough for this stuff.

MsFactChecker said...

Fact Checker:
- The 20th Street entrance is not the front foot
- That guy is a construction person, not the producer of the show
- The "construction sign" is a building permit and does not mention "The Real World," MTV, or Bunim-Murray Productions

Check out It's the only place with all the info on the show. They even put up a link to your video!

Looking forward to next week. Great job!

PS. Is it cool to have your own critic?

MsFactChecker said...

Ugh -- I meant "front door."

It's early and I need coffee. ;)

Unknown said...

I really like what you are doing with this its really dope I agree with the taking forever to get to DC and im kind mad i never sent a tape in be dope to stay home basically durin real world BUt yea keep this up hopefully we both be in the house as the blurred face in the hot tubs haha