Monday, June 29, 2009

the bet awards were all about mj... and bad music

I want to do a quick sum-up of the BET Awards.

First of all, DAY26 won BEST GROUP! Yeahhh boys!

Second, there was definitely some let downs when it came to performances. For me, the following wasn't a let down but rather a "I told you so" and a confirmation that it's OK I never jumped on the Lil Wayne bandwagon, and won't jump on the Drake bandwagon.

[I don't care that Drake tore his ACL and that's why he sat down. It was a terribly boring performance.]

Finally, it was all about Michael Jackson, and I watched it as my one final Hoo-rah for him.

Jamie Foxx's moonwalk was fantabulous and I'm mad I can't find any videos of it that will work.

All of the musical tributes were great, too... But honestly... the best part about it all, was finally getting to see Michael's sister, Miss Janet Jackson.

I cried, got goosebumps, everything when I saw her come out. She held her composure SO well. She gave the opposite appearance that their father did earlier that night on the red carpet.

He honestly acts like he's not phased by anything. This man disgusts me. He always has since I saw the Jackson 5 movie. Maybe this is his way of dealing with everything, but I can't believe that he's coming off so emotionless and untouched by it all.

I wish I could write more, and hopefully I'll get the time tomorrow, but I just don't have the time today and I'M SORRY! Check it all out for yourself, though!


PS: Looks like tomorrow is a GO for move-in day at the Real World DC house! Get pumped, guys!

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