Wednesday, May 6, 2009

watch: day26 vs donnie klang

Whatever Hardknock TV is, it sure did spark a serious debate/issue.

They asked Day26 how they felt about Donnie making a comment about them stealing all of the airtime, and they clearly have some strong feelings about it. And by they, I surprisingly mean Mike.

Donnie responded and posted the video of him watching it. He's heated, of course. But I'm going to do the right thing and present both sides, then say what I want to say.

Yikes. I agree with Donnie that A) they got more airtime and B) Mike sure did have a lot to say for once. I agree that Donnie shouldn't have said that, but then Day26 shouldn't have gone off, either.

It's funny how "New York" Donnie got when he was mad though, right?! And Robert has really matured a lot since last year. I used to hate him, but now he's got a good head on his shoulders, and I'm happy about it.

They're all tweeting saying they are cool now and stuff, but this all just got posted not long ago, so who knows. I hope so!

I wonder how Diddy feels about it. I bet he's not happy. Labelmates shouldn't fight!

And my boys Day26 need not to be seen in a bad light. They're too amazing for that.


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