Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the latest on ellen: 050509

I haven't given an update on Ellen in a while, and it's a shame! She hit her 1000th episode mark [CONGRATS ELLEN!], found out she's going to be in the December issue of O Magazine, and has had some fabulous people on the show.

Matt Giraud was on yesterday and sang "Let's Get It On." My goodness he could wet any girl's pants. I'm glad she got on the piano because it made me feel normal. If Ellen gets excited over him, I totally can.

Simon Cowell was on today talkin' about how he didn't like Kara at first, how he's single and looking, and who he thinks is going to win. It was pretty funny, actually. He's a charming fella, and definitely my favorite judge.

I'd date you, Simon. If you weren't like, old.

Black Eyed Peas performed today, too. They're good. Real good. But what the heck was Fergie wearing?!

It may be hard to see because I can't find an actual picture anywhere yet, but she had on this skirt/shorts thing. It was a skirt until the bottom where suddenly it had two leg holes. Like MC Hammer pants on crack. Very bad. Also, she had these extra long gold nail things on. Odd.

I've never really understood her, nor liked her when she's solo... But the BEPs... Them, I love.

Ellen I love too, obvi. Man I would give anything to go to her show.


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