Tuesday, May 5, 2009

happy 1000!: tunes on tuesday: 050509

What a big day this is!! It's my 1000th official post, it's Cinco de Mayo AND it's Tunes on Tuesday! How exciting!

Let's start this off with a big premiere: Eminem--> 3AM

What a creepy video. Very... Different. And another mention of KK's ass. Imagine that. I don't know, man... I think Eminem lost his touch.

Jeremy Greene ft. Pitbull--> Rain

Another movie-like music video. Also, this beat is really familiar. What is it? Imma Put It On Her?! It's something. I'm not mad at it, I kinda like this song. Definitely downloadable.

Jada--> American Cowboy

Ooh, I like this one. Downloaded, check! They're hott, too. And for some reason I like the lyrics. Check-check-check.

Jibbs ft. Lloyd--> My Dedication (Ay DJ)

I'm not a gigantic fan of this song, but it's not my type, really. I don't know if I see it getting huge, but it's worth checking out.

Asher Roth--> Be By Myself

I hear his album is amazing, and he really is about to take over. He sounds a lot like Eminem to me, so you think he will take his spot as everyone's favorite white rapper? I think it's possible! His video is different in a creative way. I enjoy it.

Method Man and Redman--> A-Yo

Apparently this is going to be some big song... I don't get it personally, but if they say it will be, I figure I'll share it with you here.

Huey ft. Bobby Valentino--> PaYow

Alright, I can see this one doing pretty well. It's nothing like "OMG DOWNLOAD NOW!" but it has something about it that's worth listening to.. At least a couple of times. However... The lyrics. Yikes.

Tinted Windows--> Kind of a Girl

It's their first single [Obviously.. Have you ever heard of them? Not I.] and it's got an interesting sound to it. Not terrible by any means..

Pussycat Dolls--> Hush Hush

I really like this. I like the lyrics, I like the slow-ishness, I like it all. I hope the rumor of them breaking up isn't true... As much as I think it's inevitable.

Martina McBride--> I Just Call You Mine

This is such a cute song, and she's an amazing singer. Anything she does is great, I think. This is no exception.

Luke Bryan--> Do I

What a great song. I think this is his best, for sure! It's a guy asking what to do for once, which is cool. Country fan? Download it. Now.

Alright, the end for this edition of TOT. A pretty good one though, I think! Enjoy!


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