Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i want to learn how to do this

I like to do flips. Duh, I'm a gymnast. I also like to bounce on exercise balls up to a handstand.

This, however, I have never even thought of, let alone tried... But now I am determined to hit my rec center gym at home and learn how... Even if I die trying.

Looks easy enough, right?! I think so. Someone bring a video camera and meet me there. Thanks.

I'd also like to learn how to do this... Kinda. Minus the being uber scared and ALMOST dying part.

He has pretty good form during the actual flip part! Who cares if he didn't mean to!

And.. Here's what I'll call a combination of the two. Putting an exercise ball in the sand I do want to do. Having this result... No thanks.

Why is it that I get more entertainment and excitement out of watching people accidentally fall on their face than I do watching... Well, anything else besides Idol, Ellen, or Day26.

Don't judge me.


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