Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hey, that's my wife!

Let's imagine something for a second...

You're winding down and needing to.... Mmm... "Release." You find your private space, pop in your newest porn DVD and prepare to enjoy yourself. [Literally.]

The woman in the video looks vaguely familiar... Who is it? The guy does too... Weird, huh? Wait.. That's... That's your wife!!! And your neighbor!!! Bangin' it out in a hotel room.

Uhhh... Not okay. You divorce your wife pronto, and try to find Mr. Neighbor, but he's peaced out of town. [Now he decides to be smart, apparently.]

A couple years later, you see him around town. What do you do?

A) Fight him. Right then and there. Kill him, if you can.
B) Let him go free. Maybe even give him a handshake.
C) Go home, get a knife, go back and stab him in the leg.

Correct answer: C, duhr.

First of all, I would have hunted the guy down from the beginning. A couple years later.. Pshh... I'd have someone way better than my first wife. If I were a man, of course.


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