Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the things people spend their time doing

Maybe I'm not one to talk because of the amount of time I put into this blog, but some people really spend a LOT of time doing something that is indeed amazing at the end, but you think "Holy S. How'd you come up with that kinda time?!"

For example... This has got to be the most amazing bar I have ever seen... And probably WILL ever see. [It even beats the one in St. Pete with a running moat throughout the whole bar that makes it possible to send messages in a bottle.]

Seeeeriously. This is crazy amazing. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT?! I just don't know! What I do know is... Genius of the Week award-- given out.

It reminds me of my friend's beer pong table that I once said was the most amazing thing ever. It's still pretty sweet.

[To really check out the final sweetness.. Go to about 2:30]

All I know is they spent a lot of time and money on that thing and yes, it was probably very worth it.

I should have been an engineer. Then I could have made the best beer pong table/bar/beer bong/flip cup table/keg stand helper all in one. Dag nabbit.


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