Monday, April 6, 2009

morons on monday 040609

It's been a while since I have done an edition of Morons on Monday, but I have a few for ya today! [On top of the Ferrari guy, that is!]

First up... If you have a pain in your eye, what do you assume/think it is? Maybe a huge booger, a little bit of food... Who knows. MAYBE there MIGHT be some real, hard object.

Not for Prax Sanchez. Yes, it was a hard object that he didn't know about, but there's a kicker to it. It had been up there for 30 YEARS!!!!

How they know that, I have no idea, but that's what the doctors are saying. They found it when they did an MRI to see what was putting him in pain. Wow.


What's the best getaway vehicle when you're stealing a 42" flat screen?! I'd say a car of some sort, right?!

Of course, we're talking about morons here, so they didn't do that. Joshua Nuckles used his bike. In broad daylight.

Yeah, he got caught. A neighbor definitely snapped a picture of him riding down the block. Maybe because it's a hilarious sight to see, which is why I would have done it, or maybe she really knew what was up. Either way, the Nuckle-head is officially caught. [That was too easy not to do..]


Let's say you're a klepto. You and your husband steal more than hundreds of thousands of dollars of things and then sell them on eBay. What do you do?
A) Keep it a secret.. Don't tell ANYONE.
B) Tell a couple people, maybe a little bragging, but they won't tell.
C) Go on Dr. Phil, multiple times, so you can tell the whole world.

C! WOO! Correct answer! Well, for the Eatons it was, anyways. And as you can imagine, it didn't turn out too well.

Now the Secret Service contacted Dr. Phil, who tattled, and are now searching through their house.

I mean really.. DUH?! Did they really think DR. PHIL would keep their secret?! Probbbbably not a good assumption.


Picture this: A hockey game just let out. Everyone is rushing down the escalators trying to get out of the area. Drunk people are everywhere. Suddenly, a girl thinks she can make it upstairs.

Yes, that is a drunk girl trying to walk up the escalators. Not only are they obviously going down, but there are a TON of people on them! And they're acting like it's no big thing that she's doing that! Is that a regular thing at the Bruins' games?!

Oh my. People are so smart sometimes, eh?! Don't be one of these people.


PS: Thanks Kane Show for these stories! ;)

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