Thursday, April 30, 2009

man's best friend= bear?

When I read this, all I can think of is Travis the chimp. This is absolutely crazy.

Mr. Casey Anderson got married to actress Missi Pyle the other day and had an interesting best man... His pet GRIZZLY BEAR named Brutus.

It's 7'8'' tall, and is 7 years old. Apparently they go on walks, swim, and even fish together. And oh yeah... He sits at the dinner table, too.

What... The... H. Have people not learned anything?! This thing is almost 8 FEET TALL! Sure, he looks nice and everything, but his name is Brutus, and he's a Grizzly Bear. It's going to get bad at some point.

Do NOT.. Under any circumstances... Give this bear anti-depressants. Please and thanks.