Monday, April 13, 2009

celebrity lookalikes

E! Online just posted an article about celebrities that look alike, and honestly, they're all either funny, or people who I think are the same person sometimes. So I will share with you.

I agree! Nicole got the best of the genes or whatever, though.

Not a good thing, Madge, but true.

No really... Which one is which?! These are 2 different people. Zooey and Girl Kisser.

THIS is funny. But I see it.

Sisters maybe?

Yeah, I don't know which one's Keira and which one is Natalie. I never do.

Megan is obviously the better of the two, but I see the resemblance.

I actually notice a lot of resemblances with my friends and celebrities. I've done a post on it before on my HOT 99.5 blog [which is now deleted. :( RIP], and interns of the Kane Show always look exactly like celebs. [me= Jamie Lynn Spears?? They also had Heather Mills, Michael Vick, and I think one of the current ones looks a little like Cheryl Burke... But anyways...]

Today I had another revelation. Friend, classmate, fellow Britney fan, and blogger John Thrasher IS Adam Lambert from American Idol.

Who do you have that looks like someone? Post it! Names if I know them, links to pictures, however you want to do it! I want to see!


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John Thrasher said...

This is hilarious! Adam Lambert is a good looking guy, so I'll take it as a compliment.