Tuesday, April 7, 2009

because you want to know: the ACM's

So the Academy of Country Music Awards were last night! They were overall pretty good! I'm happy with them!

The opening was pretty sweet. They had a LOT of people perform a little bit of each of their songs. [I'd like them all collaborating better, though.] Brooks and Dunn, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, Taylor Swift...! It could have done without Miss Swift, but I'm just a hater, really.

"Now that's what I call a stimulus package!" --Reba hosted the show. She did a fine job, but some of her lines were a little lame and awkward. I heard on the radio today the DJ saying "She should be a talk-show host!" I disagree. She did have some funny moments, though...

"It seems like everyone is making country music now... Michael Phelps is teaming up with Willie Nelson. They're covering the Doobie Brothers."

Some performers worth noting:

Trace Adkins, Til The Last Shot's Fired [Absolutely amazing.]

Miley Cyrus, The Climb [I know, I know. But I like this song! And she didn't act all crazy for once.]

Sugarland, What I'd Give [She is an incredible singer!]

Carrie Underwood, I Told You So [Check out this DRESS!]

Rascal Flatts and Jamey Johnson also had great performances. Jamey's "In Color" went from black and white, to color, and back again throughout the whole thing. So good.

As for winners.. Julianne Hough [Dancing With the Stars pro-dancer] got Top New Artist, and she was super excited.

Carrie wins for the night, though. Not only did she get Top Female, but she's also Entertainer of the Year. She seems to remain humble, which I didn't expect, but I love it.

It's been a while since a lady took it home! I'm proud of her though! That spin is so cute, too!

And, as usual, everyone looked great on the red carpet. Here's some quick photos.

So, yeah! Good show overall! If you missed it, you missed OUT!


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