Monday, March 9, 2009

pimpin hard at a young age

Forget growin up and becoming a pimp... Now kids are doing it before they can read!

Remember the little electric cars we could drive around the neighborhood? I had this SWEET Jeep one at my grandparents' house that I LOVED [Maybe that was the start of me acting like a boy.. I loved that Jeep/truck thing] and all I wanted was a Barbie one because that was definitely the cream of the crop.

Forget all that nowadays, though. Now we have Lambo doors, boomin' bass speakers, and thugalicious pimps driving them around.

Oh man. He is CHILLIN' in that thing! Can you imagine seeing him drive down the sidewalk in this thing? If I were a little tike, I'd definitely try to be his best friend ASAP. Forget the cooties. They're not even real.

But, since I'm not a little girl, I took it upon myself to find him the perfect match. She'll probably be his suga mama, but I don't think she'll mind.

Seriously though.. She's good! She's probably like 5 or 6, and she's better than a LOT of people I have heard. Oh.. And... She's WHITE! ;)

Her looks at the camera are so great! Really, all of it is. I hardly doubt she learned it all from Cookie Monster, Elmo or Big Bird, though.

So watch out, everyone! These little ones are about to take over the pimpin' world. Oh man.


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