Wednesday, March 25, 2009

let's make it a game

Let's play "Find the Differences!"

In the following two pictures of Kim Kardashian, there are numerous differences. How many can you find??

Dang. I think I lost count after... A lot.

Thank you airbrushing and Photoshop for sponsoring this game!!
[Answer= unknown. No one can count that high before getting bored/annoyed.]

On a serious note, this is part of Kim's shoot for Complex Magazine, and it just goes to show my point that she's really not that hott. Her legs are disgusting. Ew.

But, since Photoshop is fabulous, we have a ton of her shots that make her look OK:

She doesn't even look like a real person! She looks all Michael Jackson-ified. Yuck.

I still don't see what some guys see... Sorry. [Kinda, sorta, but not really.]


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The Tortured Artist: Diablo Tango said...

Um leave my wifey alone! I prefer the thick hips and thick thighs and am inlove with all the older kardashian sisters. yum! I'd like to see more lady gaga and kardashian posts - so make that happen haha