Wednesday, March 11, 2009

how to deal with road rage

Everyone has a little bit of road rage in them. If you're from the DMV, you probably have a LOT of road rage in you.

Don't worry though.. I have a couple of helpful tips on how to deal with your anger.

1. Just grab a grocery bag and take out your aggression on others' cars.

After all, it's not YOUR car, right?! AND no traffic violation!

2. Turn into an elk, and let out your anger.

Clearly, he's angry. And he's not afraid to do somethin' about it.

3. Cause as much damage as you can to not only your car, but someone else's, AND the carwash.

I always heard sometimes people just need to punch things to feel better... I guess this is the equivalent of that for a car.

4. Turn it into a show, with tons of people watching, while you bolt off into highway traffic in your hot-rod.


5. Or, you could go the 100% safe way, and just have a little fun with it.

I guess you might need to be some sort of an official to do this... Or just know someone who knows someone.. OR, just be what I like to call a "good citizen."

Hopefully this helps! I definitely think I'll take #2 &3 into consideration next time I'm stuck in traffic.


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