Sunday, March 8, 2009

don't worry about her

If you were worried about Melissa Rycroft, the girl who got dumped on the Bachelor after being proposed to, don't.

Not only did she tell Ellen all about how she has a new boyfriend, but she's making more appearances on nighttime television, too! Jillian and Molly won't take her spotlight!

While Jillian is the new Bachelorette, and Molly and Jason run away somewhere and probably plan a show about their wedding, Melissa will be competing on Dancing With the Stars!!!!

Jewel and Nancy O'Dell both dropped out after injuries last week, so ex-Hef-wifey Holly Madison and Melissa are stepping in!

Melissa's going to be great, I know it. She was a Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader, and she's a hottie, so it's obvious.

This whole season is going to be SO GOOD!! Not that I've ever been into it, but I'm DEFINITELY going to be this time! The question is: Who will I root for?! Shawn? Melissa? Steve-o? Lil Kim? The options are endless.


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