Thursday, March 12, 2009

amy's found

Britney's THIRD video for her "comeback #2 album" has been released!!

For the controversial song "If You Seek Amy," BritBrit dressed up as only two characters this time, who are the total opposites of each other. One sex-lover, and a Stepford wife.

Confused? Well, are you confused about the video, or the lyrics?

If you don't know, the song had to be censored for the radio into "If You SEE Amy" because if you say the real 4 words fast, it sounds like you're spelling something out.

Get it now? Hopefully you do. If not, Google it. ;)

As for the video, well, I kind of get it, kind of don't. But I like the idea of having a hidden life behind the perfect image. There's so many of those people out there.

I DO know that she looks GREAT! [And very, very sexual] Every video keeps getting better lately, and I'm pumped about it. I don't even think she has anything more to improve at this point.

Brit-Keep doin your thing! See you in a couple weeks!


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