Thursday, February 19, 2009

oh no!

I think I'm going to cry. If you know me, you know I LOVE monkeys. Most especially chimps. And I want one as a pet at some point in my life.

Or... I did, anyways.

This lady Sandra Herold owned her 200 pound chimp, Travis, for 14 years. They shared a glass of wine together every night, snuggled, and played soccer. [And more, of course.] He was the son she never had, and he was always loving and caring of everyone.

Until Monday.

Police are investigating this situation, but they're saying that Sandra may have given Travis Xanax to calm him down when he wouldn't come in the house. Then she called her friend over to help her bring him back inside. But when her friend got out of the car, Travis attacked.

You can listen to the entire 911 call here, or here is FOX's exclusive interview with her, and the entire story, including some of the call:

Wow. This really is sad. At first I was kinda laughing at the call. But now I'm scared to ever have a chimp!

The woman IS crazy, though. I'll give ya that. Look at her. She's straight out of a... Well.. I won't say it.

Sorry for your loss, lady. I hope you weren't doing anything nasty with him, though... Because that's what I'm hearing.


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