Wednesday, February 11, 2009

nice little family reunion

Sometimes I wonder if my toys/things/gadgets come alive when I'm not around just like in Toy Story. I even imagine it happening. And stop thinking I'm weird. You know you've done it too.

Like.. What if my new Chocolate, old Chocolate, and super old Nokia phones got together and partied? Or maybe they hate each other and are jealous of the newest phone?

Oh yes! I don't have to wonder anymore! There's a video of a cell phone family reunion to show me EXACTLY what happens!

You just got owned, iPhone. With help from the Zack Morris phone, who is definitely a couple generations ahead of you. That sucks.

No but really, this is right on. It doesn't take much to kill an iPhone, I hear... And people really do still love some of the old phones! And yes, the Blackberry does have WAY too many buttons on it. I'm sticking with my 12-15 buttons.

Whoever wrote this, made it, created it, whatever... Wins the Genius of the Week award. Thank you.


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